Booking Terms & Conditions

The booking of Riviera Entertainments (here after known as "the company")  is not deemed confirmed until a Non Refundable Reservation Fee and a signed booking /terms and conditions form returned no later than 30 days before the date of the event and you (here after known as the "client") have paid the £50.00 (non negotiable). Please Note: by completing and signing the booking form, you agree that you are making a confirmed booking and entering into a contract which carries your acceptance, in full, to the booking terms.


Full payment must be made 14 days before the date of the event. If signed copies of both the booking contract and the terms and conditions are not returned, 14 days before your event, the company will deem the booking not required and cancel your date. This will mean that the company may take on another booking. Every reasonable effort either by phone or Email will be made and if no contact is made within the set time period the company will deem your event cancelled.


The outstanding balance payment must be paid by bank transfer no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Please note: performance / operation may therefore not proceed until final payment has been made. Payments of due balance received less than 7 days of the event date must be in cash and must be paid prior to the scheduled start time. Under NO circumstances will the company or anyone employed by the company begin rendering services until the balance is paid in full.


Payments can be made by bank transfer via BACs. Banking details will only be sent upon the signed return of the terms and conditions. If paying by this method please ensure you include your surname and the date of your event as a reference. Receipts of all payments will be sent upon request.


The Company will be holding your date exclusively for you and will turn away all other work. The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible therefore the company will charge a cancellation fee. When a booking has been formally cancelled, and that cancellation has been accepted by both parties, the Client forfeits any rights to use the services of the Company on that date, irrespective of any deposits or cancellation fees paid. Cancellations must be made in writing or by e-mail, receipt of such notification will be confirmed in writing or by e-mail. No telephone cancellations will be accepted. The Client shall have the right to cancel the booking of the company no less than 28 clear days notice in writing or by e-mail. In the event of the client wishing to cancel this contract agreement for any reason, other than Act of God or National Disaster, any advance reservation payment will be forfeited. A cancellation fee of not less than 50% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within fourteen days of the performance. A cancellation fee of not less than 75% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within seven days of the performance. 100% of the agreed fee will be due if cancellation is within 48 hours of the performance.


The Company reserves the right to substitute a suitable replacement in the event of the company not being able to appear for any reason.


You the client agree that the confirmed start and finish times you have supplied are correct and accurate.


Payment for the booking will be as stated for the agreed appearance times. Any additional changes to times must be agreed in writing 7 days before the booking by both parties and subject to any possible increase or decrease of cost. If the client wishes the performance to continue on the date of the booking then venue management will need to agree on any extended times. Any additional hours will be charged at £30 per hour and be paid on the evening (even if the performance is extended by 30 mins).


If anyone employed by Riviera Entertainments is on site for more than 5 hours food and soft drinks must be provided by the client, we reserve the right to order food and soft drinks to the value of £20 to be charged to the clients final balance.


If a booking has been confirmed and the company attends the function to find another service provider has been booked by you (the client), the promoter(s) or any other persons then the full fee shall be payable as per the agreement.


The client shall ensure the venue will allow the company adequate access time for the setting up and taking down of any equipment. The working area/ performance area shall be flat, stable, dry and protected from damp/wet weatherand direct sunlight. Smoking is not to be permitted in this area. Safe and adequate electrical power is to be available for performance use (minimum of two non-shared 13 amp sockets).


Some venues are fitted with a sound limiter device, in accordance to local authority guidlines, to monitor and enforce sound limitation levels by cutting power to the room. Riviera Entertainments or anyone employed by the company will always try and work within the limits set by these guidlines, however the company or anyone employed by the company will not be liable due to any disruptions during the event caused by such devices and no refunds will be given. By-passing of sound limiting devices will only be done with the venue managments permission.♂loyed


Haze: Most venues are fitted with smoke detection devices for fire safety regulations. If haze is to be used at your event YOU the client must ensure and get the agreement of venue managers to use haze. Riviera Entertainments can provide demonstrations to venues of what haze is, if needed, at times that are suitable for both parties. Riviera Entertainments or anyone employed by the company will use haze at low volumes as to not set off alarms if haze is accepted by the venue. Riviera Entertainments or anyone employed by the company will not be liable for any disruptions caused by such devices.


If the agreed start time is delayed due to persons employed by the company not being able to gain access to the venue, or any other delay beyond the company’s reasonable control, no liability will be accepted and no refund will be given. When setting up or breaking down no person shall be allowed in the working area. If any such person does enter the area they do so at their own risk. Riviera Entertainments cannot accept any liability in these cases. Setting up times start from 1 hour minimum.


The company, at their discretion, reserves the right to discontinue all or part of equipment usage if the power provided is not capable of operating the equipment without risk of damage to the equipment, persons employed by the company or the public, or if the working environment constitutes a health and safety risk. If applicable, the customer agrees to provide facillities that completely cover the company's equipment from direct sunlight and or rain. If the booking must be discontinued for any of these reasons, no refunds will be given.


The company ensures all equipment that requires connection to a mains power source will be safe. All equipment will be P.A.T tested and certificates will be available to view upon request. The company is not responsible for any damage caused to the room or building where the services are provided and is not responsible for any power outages. Riviera Entertainments cannot be held responsible for any cleaning costs, however incurred, whilst using any of our equipment or products.


Persons employed by the company will conduct themselves in a proffesional manner through out your event and will respond to any resonable requests from clients, venue staff and guests regarding volume, equipment placing (as appropriate and if possible) and ,or any other reasonable requests.


The company shall in no way be liable for breach of any bi-laws, or conditions under which the venue is licensed, hired or entrusted to you the client. You the client will also ensure that any and all appropriate licenses, as required by law, are arranged 30 days before the event and are in force at the time of the booking.


At times the company may take photographs and short video during your event to be used as promotional material for the companies website, facebook page, twitter and youtube channel and we may use pictures showing peoples faces, If you the client objects to this for any reason notification to the company must be made 30 days before the event. Copies of any photographs and video's made by the company may be obtainable and will be held by the company, please ask for details.


Where the equipment has been set up earlier in the day at the request of the Client and left unattended until the time of the DJs performance, no right for the Client, the Client’s guests, or any other person to use the equipment is conferred, or inferred, and the Client undertakes to ensure that no-one uses or interferes with the equipment in any way and accepts all responsibility. Any damages, either repair or replacement, of equipment will be charged to the client.


You the client will be responsible for, and provide adequate supervision of your guests throughout the event and YOU the client will be responsible for any loss, damage or repairs (normal wear and tear excluded) to equipment (sound, lighting or music equiment and or damage to vehicles used by the comany) caused by anyone in attendance at the event during the contracted time period, including the time allowed for setting up and packing away, unless damage is due to anyone employed for your event by the companies negligence. The full cost of any repairs required will be charged to the client who will be advised of any damage as soon as it is possible.


The company offers you the client assurance that NO other booking exsists that may prevent us from fulfilling the event referred to in this contract and subsiquently no such contract will be entered into from the date of booking.


Riviera Entertainments operates a ZERO tolerance policy for anyone employed for your event by the company regarding abuse or violence wether verbal or physical, actual or implied. You the client are responsible for the behaviour of your guests at all times and are responsible for providing any security neccassary to police your guests. In the event of actual or threatened abuse anyone employed by the company for your event may lower the music and request the matter to be dealt with before continuing. If the problem persists anyone employed by the company for your event has the right to refuse to play on and has the right to pack up and leave the event. No refund of any fees will be given and we reserve the right to claim damages against any person(s).


Any Damages to any equipment (sound, lighting or music equiment) and or damage to vehicles used by the company, will be reclaimed from the client. Any illegal behaviour will be reported to the police.


The company operates a ZERO tolerence towards drugs, underage drinking and or any other illegal behaviour. Anyone employed by the company will not be part of ANY such illicit behaviour.


Offensive Lyrics Policy: Riviera Entertainments reserves the right not to play music where the lyrics are deemed (by anyone employed by the company) to be racist, explicit or otherwise offensive. However this avoidance policy is not guaranteed.


Force Majure :- The company will NOT be held liable for failling to attend a booking where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by adverse weather conditions (including snow or flooding) road closure, unusual road traffic, road traffic accident, vehicle breakdown and or any other un-avoidable circumstances deemed beyond our control, However any reasonable effort will be made to cover your event. Refunds will be limited to the amount paid for this service. In the event of a power failure to the venue the company, or any one employed by the company, will remain on site at the venue for the duration of performance period. Should power not be restored No refund will be given. 


The company nor The client will be held liable should a booking be postponed due to conditions outside reasonable control, including adverse weather. When a booking is postponed the company will honour the booking for an alternate date subject to availability.


The company carries public liability insurance, certificates are available to view on request. Public liability insurance cover is provided by the company only for the protection of the public against damage caused to the public by the company personnel or equipment and not by any action of the booking representative or anyone in attendance, who may cause any such damage to themselves or others which may include, but is not restricted to them being under the influence of alcohol of other substances.


Confidentiality. All information is confidential between the company, anyone employed by the company and the client. The company, anyone employed by the company and you the client agree that no information contained in any communication in this contract or estimates and any other written, verbal or business related information, including emails, will be disclosed to anyone (including guests at your event) If any such confidential information is disclosed publicly either written or verbal then Riviera Entertainments has the right to cancel any and all services contained in this contract and quotation. No refunds will be given.