Dj Mark Award - What it means

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about what the Dj mark award is, and what it means.

Public Liabilty (P.L.I) & Insurance.

What and Why?

PLI is designed to protect you, your guests and your venue in the event of an accident involving the DJ or the DJ's equipment. Many venues now insist on a minimum level of PLI before granting access to the venue, and this requirement is often driven by the venue's own insurers wishing to offset risk. The worst case scenario is if your DJ cannot produce a valid PLI policy, your venue may refuse access in order to protect their own rights. When PLI is available for as little as £29 per year, not carrying it speaks volumes about the DJ!


ALL DJmark Platinum award holders carry PLI.

Electrical Safety Tests (PAT)

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What and Why?

PAT is a testing regime which inspects and tests portable electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use in a public setting.

Most DJ equipment has a hard life - bounced around in the back of a van, in and out of venues in all weathers week in, week out - so in our opinion it is essential that equipment which may come into contact with the public is regularly tested, checked and serviced. When PAT testing generally costs less than £1 per item, what does it say about a DJ who does not get it done?


Under the latest regulations, the frequency of PAT is not defined. However, for DJmark membership we insist on an annual test as an absolute minimum. We inspect PAT records held in the name of the account holder.

Contracts / Ts & Cs Issued

What and Why?

Any service provider worth dealing with will issue you with terms and conditions governing the agreement which you have made with them in respect of services to be provided. Why should a mobile disco be any different?


We hear so many stories of unscrupulous DJs who back out of jobs at short notice when a better paying offer comes in that we even set up a website to help dozens of people every week arrange DJ cover rapidly. Almost invariably these situations involve "lower priced" DJs and almost invariably there is no contract in place, effectively granting the original DJ carte blanche to walk away without consequence.


ALL DJmark award holders will present you with a full set of terms and conditions at the point of booking in order to establish a contract, and will usually require a small deposit from you to confirm the date. This is how a professional business in any other market would operate.

Meetings Offered

What and Why?

We know that many people hiring a DJ for an important occasion such as a wedding would appreciate a face-to-face meeting before the event, to meet the DJ and discuss their musical preferences and priorities for the party.


All DJmark Platinum Award holders have confirmed that they offer this service. Some of our members even INSIST on a meeting as a condition of accepting the booking!

Positive Feedback Received

What and Why?

All DJmark Platinum Award holders have received positive feedback from previous customers for work which they sourced via our website.


It's so easy to falsify customer feedback on the internet. All of our members' feedback is carefully vetted by us. As we monitor the entire lifecyle from initial enquiry through to feedback after the event, we can confirm that all feedback posted on is almost certainly genuine.


Platinum Award holders must have received at least one such testimonial within the last 12 month.

Requests Accepted

What and Why?

Most people booking a mobile DJ for a party want at least some say over the music styles played or not played. One of the most common complaints we hear about non-members is that they play inappropriate music and fail to "read the crowd", or are not willing to take guidance or requests from the client or their guests.


All DJmark Platinum Award holders will play your music. This can even be a rigid playlist. Or they can be trusted to pick and choose music to suit the guests in attendance plus incorporate requests from the floor on the night. They are totally flexible and accept that YOU are in charge.

Visibly Open

What and Why?

How many mobile DJs hide behind a mobile telephone number and a hotmail address? Usually the same ones who don't issue booking contracts or declare their income we expect...

All DJmark Platinum Award holders have supplied a full verified postal address which we keep on file. So in the unlikely event of a problem, we know exactly where you can find them.