Dj Booking Advice

For many, their choice of DJ will make a dramatic difference to the success of their event - in a lot of cases possibly one of the most important (and expensive) days of their lives. For others, where the music is just incidental and being provided to entertain a minority, a basic service is often all they need.

The biggest deciding factor in ensuring the quality of the DJ service that you hire is usually the BUDGET. We urge you to consider this very carefully as an overall percentage of the cost of your event. Don't shop around for a DJ purely on price, because many excellent well-priced DJs will actively avoid clients who appear to not value the service and focus only on cost.

Remember - It's YOUR Event!


Some things to consider when looking for entertainment for your event

 - Do you want a straightforward same-as-everyone-else mobile disco, or are you looking for something a little more unusual or    unique?

 - Insist on a face-to-face meeting if you prefer, but expect to pay for this in the final fee

 - Do you need equipment to be set up earlier in the day and will your DJ do this?

 - Are you looking for neat, discreet equipment or will you be happy with masses of untidy boxes and cables in your function room?

 - Are you looking for a party DJ who can rapidly switch genres to suit the guests? Or would you prefer a club-style DJ with excellent beatmatching skills?

 - Would you be happy with a silent DJ or would you prefer someone with microphone skills and the right presence to confidently make important announcements and keep your guests informed?

 - Is you DJ knowledgeable in all the musical genres you are likely to need to satisfy your guests? Does he/she have access to a wide enough catalogue, and more importantly, do they know how to use it? Anyone can download hundreds of thousands of tracks, but in a typical evening party you only need about 60!


 - Do you want to supply a playlist (or a "no-playlist")? Will your DJ happily accept this?

 - Is the DJ's equipment specifications of interest to you? Do you care whether they have a few flashing bulbs or the latest club-style laser effects? Discuss their capabilities to avoid disappointment.

 You HAVE to use our Resident DJ...

Being held to ransom by your venue? Of course, venue owners and managers have a right to dictate who they allow onto their premises, who can connect equipment to their electricity supply etc., but more and more we're hearing stories of private hirers being forced to use a nominated DJ or agency usually by unscrupulous venues who then make a profit on the arrangement.

In our experience, most venues will back down rather than lose a significant booking altogether, so it's important that you insist from the very beginning of your dealings with the venue that you wish to bring your own DJ. Even then, some venues will try to charge you for the privilege (actually, what they're doing by imposing a charge is covering their loss).

If you find that you are already locked into using the recommended DJ, you should bear in mind that in many cases the DJ will probably take home around 50% of what you are charged. Once the VAT is paid and the hotel and agent have their commissions, you'll likely be left with a DJ of a standard much lower than the cost might suggest.

The vast majority of DJs are not VAT registered due to their limited turnover, so their customers are not charged VAT. However, if you book through a hotel or other events venue they almost certainly WILL be charging VAT - so 20% of the amount you pay is tax.